Hanging Gate Farm

We specialize in grass fed chicken. No hormones, no antibiotics, minimally processed. Pasture raised broiler chicken. 

We are a small family farm located in Walker, LA.   We believe that naturally grown meat is a staple to health.  We provide lean, juicy and 100% natural chicken with no added preservatives or flavor enhancers,  antibiotic, and hormone free.  Our chickens live in stress free, uncrowded conditions and they never leave the farm, so there is no need for preservatives to enhance shelf live.  This is an excellent fit for a healthy lifestyle.  
It is important to choose local farmers because it helps the environment and supports local farmers who work hard every day to bring you the freshest natural food possible.  All of our animals are treated humane.  Our chickens are healthy and happy.  They get plenty of sunshine, fresh air and exercise: Which means healthier, leaner birds.
Hanging Gate Farm provides you with truly all chicken.

If you would like to order chicken please contact us through our e-mail or call us. 

Our feed:
  Cornish Cross Broilers are strictly meat chickens that are full grown in 7/8 weeks.  They have very high nutritional needs because of their growth rate.  You simply cannot raise the birds on grass and bugs alone.  Laying hens, no problem!  Cornish Cross must have supplement along with grass and bugs.  This is what we supplement our birds with:
Our feed was specailly formulated by a professional poultry nutrittionist to ensure we have extrememly healthy birds. This mixture is for approx. 1000 lbs.(number is lbs.)
Ground Corn-522.29
Soy Meal-315.54
DrDisGr w/sol-100
Dical 128.5-21.84
Soy Oil-7.54
Plain Salt-5
NB-3000 Poultry Premix-2.5
DL Methionine-1.20